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Thursday, January 10, 2013
/ 5:20 AM

Suddenly missing you :'(

Monday, January 07, 2013
/ 9:21 PM

Just got a job offer as a Marketing and Communications Executive
but not only is the location damn ulu,
there are only 7 annual leaves, no OT pay, no allowances of any kind, 6 days working week and the pay can't even let me apply for a credit card...
It is a SME, and I will expect to learn alot from the job (cos will probably be doing alot of everything) but the package....
And, bimbo point: Everyone is expected to wear black company polo tee!
All the nice dresses and work clothes I had accumulated will all be wasted :( 

Still a better job than doing what i'm doing now since I can at least gain some experience..

but marketing? What about my wish of visual Merchandising? Sigh

Friday, January 04, 2013
186 / 12:07 AM

2013 already and my status is

Have not found a job :(

Seeing this hunk who's 31cm taller than me

Last night daddy passed me my insurance policies to keep for myself. He said he has been paying for my policies and in future i can pay for it when i get a job. I feel ashamed that my daddy is still supporting me and that i am unable to give my daddy a better life :( ok, time to send more resumes!

Had been going out with 186 since dec for a few weeks already.. Is height an issue? Maybe not now. But im getting tired of walking in heels around him. Of cos he doesnt force me to but i feel compelled to. And I want to look better. sometimes i look at him and wonder if he is a playboy and if he has been completely honest with me. Guys with an abundance of looks, height and compliments (and not to forget, self confessed STM which is worst than mine) just doesnt make me feel secure. For now im just trying to enjoy my dates with him and not submerge myself in doubts :) i can get lost in his pretty brown eyes sometimes.. And that makes things easier lol

Date pics below. Mostly food cos that's all that we've been doing to date :x i like that he makes efforts to find nice places to eat with me (cos im a self confessed glutton) heh

Saturday, October 06, 2012
/ 2:26 AM

想不介意。想心胸宽大一点。但心就是介意 :( 好讨厌自己,也讨厌大家都不关心 :(

Saturday, July 07, 2012
Her Tears in Train / 3:57 AM

There's a girl crying bitterly in front of me in the train now. The guy next to her seems to be her boyfriend? Wish i can pass her a sweet or tissue and tell her everything will be ok but i have neither of those so i didnt do anything.

She reminds me of me half a yr ago. Just broken up on christmas n taking train back home in tears..

But tt's over now and i'm gna tell next bf to choose a better place (and date) to break up .. Dont make me sad and make me face the public with my crying face. cos i will definitely cry. Choose near my place and say. Break up is hard so dont make the crying afterwards even harder.

Thursday, July 05, 2012
Commencement - graduated / 1:31 PM

Been a reaalllllyyy long day! But the bottom line is I'VE GRADUATED *singsong*

Been a really long journey of 4 years and damn glad i am finally done with education! But work is still nt found n frankly i am damn scared of gg to work and screwing up >_<

Bitch came along today also cos i wna show off to her i graduate liao despite all the mean things she said. #toldyabitch

I went out with sil cheeyen navi and my sis after the phototaking. Went for lunch at kungfu restaurant and then to Chevron for ktv. Then imm for dinner. Honestly didn't think so much when i went with them. But now tt i am home and staring at daddy's closed bedroom door, i know that i shld have come home earlier. maybe daddy wna have a mini celebration of our own for me? How does he feel when i simply get him to go the ceremony and then left him there liddat? I never even have a proper meal with him.. Sigh i think i never grew up at all. Im really thankful for all that you have done for me, daddy! Thank you for coming my ceremony and standing guard over my things tho u're hungry. Thank you for all the hard earned money! I will definitely try hard to gt a job now and support u soon!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012
Volunteering / 12:57 PM

Some people you are meant To meet n become friends.

Haha like this girl in my volunteering grp, c4! Found her v familiar looking but i cldnt be sure where i saw her be4 also.. N she also didnt recognise me lol after sesrching fb and finding out that she was in SGH, then we finally recalled! Haha we used to hav lunch together and click q well de!

I think it is really damn qiao that a friend whom u forgot for so long suddenly joined the same event as u and u both end up in the same grp! Like what're the chances?!? Must be fated to be friends alr lo! Hahhaa

Anyways today was really q eventful! Start of the day then gt an uncle start scolding PAP damn loud behind my grp. Then walked past a car accident. Went to our assigned unit but the owner didnt want our help at all. She only wanted free table lol. Then given another unit but they said there "a problem" and we were told to go our 3rd destination. Heard the situation q jialat there and they weren't kidding!

The whole house raked of this weird stale musty smell. We cld smell it from far away! No wonder the neighbour complain. And afterwards came the dirtiest imaginable portable electric stove, racks, books and containers -.- even the half boil egg maker also covered by brown gooey substance! Seriously, it felt lik i was cleaning away human shit half the time -.- and for goodness sake those things are meant for food... Other than the literally shitty state of things. The whole house was infested by roaches. Even the books got roach eggs -.-

Below is the first n worst nest i have ever seen! They sprayed insecticide into the box causing the roaches to come crawling out n dying inside the cups. Damn disgusting seriously -.-

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